Speakers 2023

Aaron Cline Hanbury

Editor | Common Good

Warren L. Maye

Editor-in-Chief | SAConnects

Sarah Kropp Brown

VP of Communications | NAE

Stephanie Rousselle

Founder | Gospel Spice Ministries

Heather Pubols

Editor | Evangelical Missions Quarterly

Russell Moore

Editor-in-Chief | Christianity Today

Paul Glader

Executive Director | ReligionUnplugged

Andy Walker

Dir of Integrated Comm | Infinity Concepts

Lorri Bentch

Team Director | Eastern Mennonite Missions

Rwamucyo Karekezi

Church World Service

Mary Myint

Lancaster Sweet Shoppe

Menuka Tamang

Lancaster Bhutanese-Nepali Church

Ron Forseth

CEO | America's Top Lists

Julia Bicknell

Freelance Journalist

Ann Byle

Freelance Writer/Author

Ricardo (Rick) Szuecs

Graphic Designer | Rick Szuecs Design

L.L. (Don) Veinot, Jr.

President | Midwest Christian Outreach

Milyce Pipkin (Dee Dee Sharp)

Broadcast Journalist

Bob Smietana

Senior Editor | Religion News Service

Jerome Blanco

Editor-in-Chief | FULLER Magazine

Hilary Sutton

CEO | HSL Digital

Jeremy Weber

Director | CT Global

Theresa Lynn Sidebotham

Attorney | Telios Law PLLC

Warren Smith

President | MinistryWatch

Jason Goff

Digital Consultant

Dimas Salaberrios

Faith Leader | Film Producer | Author

Radha Vyas

Freelance Photographer

Tomáš Coufal

Editor-in-Chief | Zivot viry (Life of Faith)

Naghmeh Abedini Panahi

Tahrir Alnisa Foundation

Timothy Morgan

Journalism Professor | Gordon College

Brooke Miles

Social Media Consultant

Lou Ann Sabatier

Media & Communications Consultant

Jeff Raymond

Visual Storyteller | ABWE

Mariam Ibraheem

Tahrir Alnisa Foundation

Tami DeVine

CEO | Divine Family Entertainment

Esther Nyaga

Editor | Leadership Today Africa

Jared Boggess

Senior Designer | Christianity Today

José Reyes

Creative Director | Metaleap Creative

Mike Cosper

Director of CT Media | Christianity Today

Wade Mullen, Ph.D.

Consultant | Pellucid Consulting

Keith Hammonds

President | Solutions Journalism Network

Carol Pipes

Director of Communications | Lifeway

Nikolle Reyes

Managing Director | Metaleap Creative

Surinder Kaur

South Asia Editor | Christianity Today