Post-conference Intensive

The 2022 Colorado Springs convention will feature an extended, intensive seminar focusing on Content Strategy. Stay over an extra day and make an investment that will take your magazine planning to a deeper level.

Content Matters: Strategy that Meets Business Goals and Reader Needs

Wednesday, April 13, 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

• Registration fee (with convention registration): $99, includes lunch
• Registration fee (without convention registration): $149, includes lunch

Register for the intensive when you register for the convention. If you want to add the intensive after already registering for the convention, send an email to the executive director.

Content Matters

Content is everywhere. But what’s the point of it all? That depends on your strategy. If content is king, then content strategy is king-maker. Think about these questions:

  • How well are we serving our audiences with content and how do we know?
  • Are we serving some segments of our audience better than others?
  • Which aspects of our content are we advancing best?
  • Where are the gaps and opportunities?
  • What actions can we take that will have impact on our publishing program?

A great content strategy is founded on an understanding of audience, business needs, and amplification. And the more research and planning you can perform to develop this understanding, then the more likely you are to get the results and reader engagement you want. Having a plan is essential. It’s what turns your ideas, research, and concepts into reality. And how you plan your content will have a huge impact on your organization or ministry.

This in-depth and interactive workshop will clearly present a complete guide to creating and sticking with your content strategy. The benefits of investing in this training:

  • You will better understand the “why” of content strategy
  • You will learn “how” – the three pillars of content strategy
  • You will practice with “mock” case studies
  • You will leave with a list of practical tools and resources to help create or update your content strategy

Presenter: Lou Ann Sabatier

Lou Ann is a solution-oriented advisor who collaborates on strategies and ideas that change the course of ministry and business. During her 38+ years of experience as a publisher, trainer, and consultant, Lou Ann has been deeply involved in strategic planning, business development, content strategy, business and financial management, audience development, revenue development, digital media, and operations management. As principal and lead consultant at Sabatier Consulting, she works with clients to diagnose their needs and offer creative and efficient solutions.

What others say: 

  • “It was like drinking out of a fire hose, but Lou Ann is a caring, straight-to-the-point, knowledgeable speaker.”
  • “She’s a master writer/teacher.”
  • “Lou Ann was infectiously passionate and fun to listen to. I did get a lot out of her session.”
  • “Content Strategy is a needed topic for editors. Like Lou Ann said, content strategy isn’t found in a textbook and it’s not taught at “J school.”
  • “Lou Ann is high energy and provided excellent content that I will be reviewing repeatedly in the coming months.”
  • “She was a great speaker…her enthusiasm for her content is wonderful!”
  • “Very energetic, passionate speaker with a lot of knowledge.”
  • “I walked away with an actionable item from this workshop and appreciated the perspective she provided in dealing with content.”
  • “The content strategy workshops . . . really hit on needs that we have, and she had good recommendations for overcoming obstacles.”