Galli, Mumper Granted Honorary Membership

June 8, 2020 | epaconvention | EPA News

During the April meeting of the Board of Directors, the board voted to bestow honorary membership to two individuals who have contributed to Christian journalism in extraordinary ways.

Mark Galli retired as editor-in-chief of Christianity Today early this year. He had spent 30 years as an editor with Christianity Today International, including Leadership Journal and Christian History. He has been published in many other publications including The Upper Room, New York Times and Books & Culture.

Galli has also written or co-written nine books, his most recent being “When Did We Start Forgetting God?” He continues to publish a digital newsletter, The Galli Report, at

Sharon Mumper founded Magazine Training International in 1989. For 30 years, through this organization, she has been providing training and resources to Christian magazine publishers in the developing world of Asia, Eastern Europe and, most recently, Africa. She has worked in the field of journalism since 1967, including stints with Evangelical Missions Quarterly, Pulse, Christianity Today and others.

Mumper has been a seminar and conference teacher, organizer, and director for conferences in dozens of countries. She is the editor/publisher of two DVD courses, multiple training manuals in 12 languages and a book on magazine publishing. She has developed curriculum for four publishing courses.